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Top 12 Perennials To Plant In Your Louisiana Landscaping

Louisiana is notorious for its high humidity in the summer, which can be difficult for gardeners and homeowners alike. Planning a garden or landscape can be a trial if you do not know which plants to select. One of the best ways to work around the problem of humidity is to plant perennials. Perennials grow back each year and can handle hot weather. Check out the following perennials that will do well on your Louisiana property.

Heath Aster (Symphyotrichum ericoides)

Between late summer and through the end of fall, the heath aster shows ray flowers with a yellow center. You can select from white, blue, or pink varieties. This perennial can grow to almost 3 feet in the sun. For the best results, let it thoroughly dry out between watering.

Ear-leaved Tickseed (Coreopsis auriculate ‘Nana’)

The bushy ear-leaved tickseed is a good choice to fill in spots in your landscaping. It has flowers similar to a daisy. This yellow flower blossoms between late spring and early summer. If you take off the old flowers, you may see the plant bloom multiple times a year. The ear-leaved tickseed loves the sun but will not wither if dealing with some shade.

Wormwood (Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’)

Wormwood has lovely silvery leaves that will look beautiful all year long. This sun-loving perennial can grow to almost 6-feet wide but does not grow very tall. In late summer, you might see tiny yellow flowers amongst the foliage. Hotter weather will cause wormwood to die back, but it returns strong in autumn.

Zigzag Iris (Iris brevicaulis)

This attractive bloom is purple with a yellow crest. The dense leaves on this plant sometimes obscure the blossoms that show in early summer. Plant the zigzag iris in a sunny spot where the soil will stay moist (installing mulch will help retain moisture for your plants). The zigzag iris is a great option for the area on your property that is too wet for other plants.

Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia hirta)

This perennial is a classic choice for many landscapes across the country. You can distinguish Black-eyed Susans by their daisy-like, yellow flowers with deep brown center discs. However, some varieties are red or bronze. This perennial blooms consistently throughout the summer months and likes well-drained soil conditions.

Prairie blazing star (Liatris pycnostachya)

This unique perennial flower has fluffy purple flower heads and is a member of the aster family. These flower heads grow in a spike shape up to 20-inches long. Because the flower blooms up and down the spike, you can expect a longer bloom time each year. This plant is very resilient and can tolerate poorer soil quality alongside plenty of sun exposure.

Sunset Huskmallow (Abelmoschus manihot)

Yellow blossoms appear on the sunset huskmallow every July and stay through autumn. Although it can grow very tall during the growing season, you should cut it back in the winter to keep it healthy.

False yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora)

False yucca needs a lot of sunlight and decent drainage to thrive. This perennial is an evergreen succulent with unique blue-green leaves shaped like swords. Small red tube-shaped flowers grow in the springtime but disappear in the summer heat.

Willow leaf sunflower (Helianthus salicifolius ‘First Light’)

The willow leaf sunflower, as suggested by its name, really enjoys the sun. The bright yellow flowers are arranged in a ray about 2.5 inches across with a brown center. This perennial blooms between late summer and early autumn. Make sure to choose a spot with good drainage.

Prairie Phlox (Phlox pilosa)

Prairie phlox forms flowers in clumps and grows best in full sun. Choose this perennial if you enjoy bright flowers as this phlox displays pale purple to pink flowers in late spring. The vibrant flower color contrasts with the deep green of the leaves.

Variegated Maiden Grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Variegatus’)

This perennial is an ornamental grass that can reach heights up to 9-feet tall. You will see it grow the tallest when planted in full sun. In spring and summer, it has a green color. The green turns to an orangish-bronze in the autumn and then more white in the winter.

Creeping liriope (Liriope spicata)

One of the best options for a ground-cover perennial in Louisiana, the creeping liriope loves the sun and spreads quickly. Spikes appear above the leaves in the summer. Pale lavender or white flowers sometimes peak through the foliage. This perennial is rather short and rarely grows taller than 18 inches.

Perennials make a great addition to any landscape area. If you are looking for the best landscape contractor in New Orleans to plant shrubs and trees, get in touch with the team at Couvillion’s Landscapes today.

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