You can transform your New Orleans area yard into picture-perfect excellence with a few simple additions. Choosing the right flowering tree to make your landscape pop in springtime can be frustrating when there are so many captivating options. There are bright, explosive colors, like the pinks and purples of Eastern redbuds or soft, demure white petals from beautiful magnolia trees. Check out some of the more popular options below to get started.

1. Eastern Redbud

This tree is the flowering tree to select if you want a surprise in early spring. From around March into April, Eastern redbuds showcase gorgeous pink, red, and purple blossoms. This tree is on the smaller end, making it easy to add to your landscape for a pop of color. Many homeowners choose to place Eastern redbuds proudly in their front yards because their blossoms are too stunning to put anywhere else.

2. Magnolia Trees

Represent the beautiful state of Louisiana with the official state flower of Louisiana – the Magnolia. All magnolia tree varieties are easily identifiable by their large, waxy leaves and enormous, white petals. You can add this iconic, medium-sized tree to your landscape, too. There are several types to choose from in Louisiana, including the Southern Magnolia, the Saucer Magnolia, the Bigleaf Magnolia, and the Sweet Bay Magnolia.

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3. Tulip Poplars

There are a variety of benefits to plant a tulip poplar in your Louisiana yard. This type of tree makes an excellent shade tree for hot days throughout the summer months. It also quickly grows compared to other trees. And you cannot go wrong with the beautiful flowers of the tulip poplar or tulip tree. As you might guess from the name, this tree has blossoms shaped like tulip flowers that come to life in the late spring. Together with the sweet, robust smell of the flowers, these blossoms are sure to be a happy addition to your property.

4. Crabapple Trees

A crabapple tree is a flowering tree that has benefits long after spring has passed. The lovely flowers of this tree attract butterflies in the springtime and then grows fruit in the summer that attracts birds of all kinds. And in the autumn, you will see that a crabapple tree is beautiful in all seasons. There are also several varieties of crabapple tree to choose from that grow well in Louisiana. For example, you might pick the Southern crabapple tree, the Molten Lava crabapple tree, the Jewelberry crabapple tree, or the Silver Moon crabapple tree.

5. Dogwood Trees

Dogwood trees are widespread all over the United States, thanks to their sweet-smelling flowers in the spring. There is a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to dogwoods. When in doubt, ask a professional for their recommendation based on your landscaping design and requirements. Different types of dogwood trees might be smaller or larger, as well as showcase distinctive colored blossoms. For example, the Flowering Dogwood has pink and white blooms, and the Swamp Dogwood has all white flowers.

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