When you are looking to increase the value of your home, there are little additions that make a big difference in curb appeal which can directly impact selling price. Many assume that large and expensive projects are the best way to maximize the selling price of your home. Small touches, like a well-manicured lawn or new mulch, might be all that is needed.

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Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Pruning and trimming your hedges, shrubs and trees on your property is a way to showcase one of the best elements of your home to buyers. When they are trimmed properly, they display a better shape and pruning encourages healthier growth. Focus on highlighting the natural shape of your trees to make them appear fuller and bigger.

Yard Clean Up

Debris in the form of branches, leaves, etc. are not a good indicator of well-maintained yard. After winter be sure to go through the lawn and clean up any debris and cut the grass. When done routinely, a lawn clean up is very simple and when your lawn and landscape areas have a clean appearance, your home will be more attractive to buyers.

Add New Mulch or Pine Straw

Putting fresh mulch or pine straw around trees and landscape beds drastically boosts curb appeal. Mulch comes in a variety of colors allowing for a lot of options to help meet your desired appearance. Prior to installing new mulch or pine straw, be sure to remove the old material so the plants are not overwhelmed.

Routine Mowing

Regularly mowing the lawn (once per week during growing season) is the simplest way to maintain the exterior image of your property. Unruly lawns that are filled with weeds are not appealing to most buyers that plan to reside in the home because it is seen as a project they’ll have to complete instead of it being completely turn-key.

Planting Flowers

Planting flowers adds a pop of color can bring out the best in your property. Choose bright flowers, such as pansies and geraniums. These flowers are relatively low-maintenance so you do not have to constantly focus on watering or fertilizing your landscape and flower beds. Brightly-colored flowers bring forth color and liveliness to your home, making it that much more attractive to future buyers.

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