Water Features

Add a degree of tranquility to your property with a water feature. Couvillion’s Landscapes builds ponds & waterfalls, and installs fountains & bubblers for residential & commercial clients in New Orleans and surrounding areas.

Create Calmness In Your Back Yard

A custom water feature brings forth a truly next level appearance to your outdoor space. Whether that is a large fountain as the centerpiece of your front yard landscape, or a pond-less waterfall as the backdrop to an expansive paver patio that is your designated area for peace and quiet after a stressful day at work. If you are trying to figure out a way to truly transform your property, a water feature from Couvillion’s Landscapes is the best option. Our water features combine beauty and function in a way that allows your landscape to be aesthetic while also providing functionality to your life with the serenity it establishes.

Our highly-trained team is skilled at installing various types of water features in New Orleans and surrounding communities. While many hardscape construction projects have some similarity to how they are built, a custom water feature such as a pond or waterfall is often completely unique. This requires an intense level of preparation and detail – from selecting the color and style of the rock, assessing the sun-shade ratio of the area surrounding the water feature for the shrubs and flowers that will be planted, and much more.

Contact us today to start planning a new water feature on your property. We ready to offer multiple decades of experience and expertise in creating majestic, stunning water features.

We Construct A Variety of Waterscapes Throughout The Greater New Orleans Area

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Our incredibly skillful landscape and outdoor living artisans have transformed thousands of properties. We invite you to browse through our gallery of previous work to gather plans for your upcoming project!

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