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Couvillion’s Landscapes is the top-tier sod installation company serving residential & commercial clients in New Orleans, Belle Chasse and other surrounding communities in southeast Louisana.

Professional Sod Installers in New Orleans, Belle Chasse & More

Your turf areas will provide the majority of the appearance within your landscape. So if your lawn is in need of an overhaul, renovating your lawn and installing sod in will provide the quickest solution to creating the greenest and thickest lawn in the neighborhood. Whether your project is 1,000 sq. ft. or 2 acres, our sod installers can take on the task. Our professional team of sod installers are ultra-efficient at preparing the soil surface and laying new sod to ensure it is set up to successfully grow into the yard of your dreams.

Our Site Prep and Sod Install Process

Most sod projects begin with the removal of the existing areas which could consist of existing grass, old landscaping, brush and other debris. Our crews use the proper equipment (skid loader, mini skid loader, shovels, etc.) to extract what is in place and will haul away the material. The next step is grading the area if needed to set up a proper slope so water runs away from structures. During this process we may haul in additional top soil. This is mostly used for newly built homes and business properties where there is no topsoil present.
The final step is often the fastest – laying the new sod down. Our highly-trained and skill installation crews make sure to stagger the joints, cutting the rolls that are along landscape beds, trees, fences, driveways, walkways and anything else the turf shares a border with. Then our crews clean up the work area and our professionals will provide advice for watering and taking care your new turf so it will be able to stay lush for many years to come.
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Our sod installation services are a surefire way to create an instantly green and immaculate lawn for your home or business property. Get in touch today to schedule your next sod installation project.

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