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Couvillion’s Landscapes provides excellent planting services for residential & commercial clients in Belle Chasse, New Orleans and surrounding areas throughout southeast Louisiana.

Professional Flower, Shrub & Tree Planting Services

Owning a house or managing a commercial property in Louisiana provides plenty of opportunity to take in colors during all seasons. Even though we endure incredibly hot and humid summers, the choices of plant varieties to pick for your landscape are truly endless. A tree or shrub planting project can be a lengthy process that requires immense knowledge of different types of trees and shrubs in addition to scouting the ideal planting location based on soil type, sun-shade ratio and the moisture content of your soil. Allow the shrub and tree planting professionals at Couvillion’s Landscapes to use our knowledge to find the right varieties that will blossom within your landscape and improve curb appeal.

Planting trees, shrubs and flowers may appear to be a rather basic task that can be a D.I.Y. project, but a lot of planning is required to ensure they thrive. Our experts work with you to ensure each plant choice accounts for shade, soil type, soil acidity and distance from your home and other plants. Once we come up with a plan, we will install your new trees, shrubs and flowers followed by cleaning up the work area, and leave your yard with a breathtaking new look.

If you already have existing trees and shrubs, we can work around them or remove them and start fresh. Our crew will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the proper care of your new plants, including how to water, fertilize and prune them once they grow into their mature size. We can also handle all your landscape maintenance needs and take the time and hassle out of your hands entirely.

To learn more about the plant and tree varieties we offer or to schedule a consultation for your next project, get in touch today!

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