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How To Plan Your Dream Outdoor Living Project

Outdoor living spaces have exploded in popularity in recent years. An outdoor kitchen or patio lets you move the comforts of home into the fresh air. Outdoor spaces are exciting spaces to enjoy the company of friends with a meal or a quiet spot to relax after a long work day. If you are ready to plan the ultimate outdoor living project, follow the steps below to get started on the right foot.

1. Plan a layout that matches your space and budget.

Before you even consider materials and appliances, you should evaluate the space you have to work with. The outdoor living area should flow into the interior and vice versa. If you have a smaller budget and back yard, a simple yet functional outdoor living area with a paver patio and outdoor fireplace may be ideal. Have more space in the back yard? A more expansive outdoor living area that incorporates luxury features such as dining and kitchen setups are within the realm of possibility.

2. Determine the materials you will use for the floor, raised structures and countertops.

Considering your budget, start determining which materials you want to use for the built structures. The floor of an outdoor patio should be durable and is usually constructed with pavers, but take into account the paver color schemes, styles and installation patterns. Brick and natural stone are popular choices for raised structures, like ones you might add to tie together appliances in an outdoor kitchen.

The material used for the countertops should also be reliable. Choose a piece of granite or poured concrete to ensure long-lasting quality for your cooking and entertaining space.

3. Consider which appliances and furniture you would like for an outdoor kitchen and living space.

Give a lot of thought to your favorite cooking methods and how many people you plan on entertaining at one time. If you love pizza, an outdoor pizza oven may be a worthwhile investment. A built-in grill is one of the most common appliances to have in an outdoor kitchen – there are many sizes and accessories to choose from. When it comes to furniture, look for comfortable seating and wear-resistant tables. Stools or chairs can turn raised bars into an extra sitting area.

4. Decide whether you want an overhead structure, such as a pavilion or pergola.

If there is room in your budget, you might benefit from an overhead structure over the entire space or a portion of your outdoor living project. A pergola or pavilion can serve as partial shade and protection while you eat and enjoy the outdoors. A pergola is a more open structure, which allows you to see the sky open above you. A pavilion provides total protection from rain and the hot Louisiana summer sun. These roof-like structures can help extend the feel of the indoors to your outdoor space. For anyone who loves to entertain late into the evening, you can also add lighting to your pavilion or pergola.

If you are in the market for a custom outdoor living area, contact Couvillion’s Landscapes for the best outdoor living contractor throughout the greater New Orleans area.

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