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How To Make Your Louisiana Lawn Beautiful

If you have noticed that your lawn has been looking worse for wear, it is time to address the issues. A few minor repairs in early in the growing season can totally transform the appearance of your property over the long term. Consider the following problem areas we often see in Louisiana lawns and evaluate your yard. The sooner you take action, the sooner you will see a more beautiful lawn with lush grass.

Too Much Shade

Yards with tall trees that offer generous shade are prone to issues with the grass. If you have trees that have begun to take over your lawn over the years, the grass may be struggling to thrive. Many types of grass commonly grown in Louisiana need ample sunlight, including centipede and St. Augustine. Sometimes you may need to landscape around your tall trees with mulch or ground cover plants. Mulch or ground cover plants are a great option if you cannot find a species of grass that will thrive underneath your tall shade trees.

Areas of Foot Traffic

We love to spend time in our yards all year long. But wear from people and pets can take a toll on the quality of your grass. Early April is a great time to loosen up compacted soil. Adding fertilizer to damaged areas will encourage more growth and strengthen root systems. Pinpoint any spots in your yard that have become worn down from excessive foot traffic as soon as possible. You will need to limit contact with those areas until your turf has shown signs of improvement.

Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance is a major cause of common lawn issues in Louisiana. Often times this is due to lack of frequent mowing too low or not enough water. You will want to cut the grass to encourage thick growth, but not so much that you deprive your grass of being able to absorb light. Also, be sure to pay attention to how much water your lawn is getting. Too much or too little water can cause huge problems.

Cool-Season Weeds

Cool-season weeds in Louisiana are typically either annual or perennial. Annual weeds include chickweed, henbit, annual bluegrass and wild geranium. You can quickly reduce the amount of these weeds in your yard by mowing regularly. The fewer seeds these weeds drop means fewer weeds later on in the year. Perennial weeds include white clover, oxalis, dollar weed, dichondra, dandelion, and Indian strawberry. Perennial weeds, because they come back year after year, are durable. You should consider hiring a professional for weed control if perennial weeds are getting out of hand in your yard.

Fungal Disease

Around April and May, brown patch fungus may make an appearance in yards in Louisiana. Brown patch is a type of fungal disease that thrives in wet conditions and mild temperatures. You can tell if your lawn has this brown patch fungus by the appearance of round dead areas. A patch of old, inactive fungus will appear tan. This tan color indicates old damage and is not an active threat to your yard. An active area of brown patch fungus needs to be taken care of with a fungicide. If you ignore active fungal diseases, they will eventually spread to other spots. Grass can bounce back easily from brown patch fungus. After treatment, you will be able to see a green lawn again.

If you are encountering any issues with your lawn or are looking to hire the best lawn care service in southeast Louisiana, get in touch with the experts at Couvillion’s Landscapes today.

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