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8 Hurricane-Resistant Landscaping Ideas for Southeast Louisiana

In Louisiana, landscaping is about more than finding the most vibrant plants or best looking ground covering; it’s about building an elegant outdoor living space that will hold up through harsh weather. Our state is no stranger to storms and hurricanes, so we’ll examine 9 landscaping ideas that can withstand those inclement elements.

Wind-Resistant Trees

Hurricanes produce winds upwards of 150 mph or greater, which are strong enough to uproot smaller, delicate trees. However, trees and plants are essential parts of landscaping. But you don’t have to live without them – Bald cypress, windmill palm, and live oak are all trees strong enough to resist brutal winds from hurricanes, making them perfect fits for your Louisiana outdoor spaces. While traditional landscape trees like pines and water oaks aren’t strong enough to survive hurricane winds, wind-resistant trees will last through the most severe storms.

Strategic Placement of Trees

It’s not enough to plant wind-resistant trees; you must also determine where and where to plant them with safely in mind.

You need to find a plot with at least three feet of soil depth to ensure the trees grow deep enough into the ground to resist strong winds. Additionally, you’ll want to have a deep water table, which you can test by digging a two-foot hole and waiting for water. The water table is perfect for tree growth if water fills the area.

Salt-Resistant Plants

Even in average weather, salt from the ocean can be in the air as far as 10 miles inland. It goes even further during a hurricane, so selecting plants that are salt resistant for your landscaping is crucial. This includes elderberry shrubs, blazing star flowers, and trumpet creeper vines are all native plants in Louisiana with vibrant colors that can handle the state’s high salt content.

Keep Your Foliage in Good Condition

Pruning and trimming your foliage will keep it healthy and strong enough to resist winds and salt spray. Removing excess leaves and branches also keeps debris that could become dangerous in a hurricane away from your property and landscaping.

Install Drainage Features

Hurricanes bring floods and there is a potential for storm surge. You can install landscape drainage systems that send that water to the nearest storm drain and elevate your property’s appearance.

French drains, rain gardens, and dry wells will improve your property’s drainage, helping protect it from flood damage and adding a rustic visual flair.

Install Secure Fencing

Your fence is even more prone to wind damage during hurricanes than trees. However, if you install a wrought iron or chain-link fence, the wind will pass through rather than push against the structure, as it does with wood or vinyl.

Mulch over Rock

Rock is a great landscaping feature in ideal weather conditions, but when hurricanes pass through, they turn into destructive projectiles. Instead, choose wood chips or shredded bark for softer mulch that presents less of a threat to your home, vehicle, and outdoor living spaces.

Stow Away Anything That Could Become a Hazard

Patios and outdoor furniture are great until hurricanes and storm winds hit. Then, they turn into projectiles that can fly through your windows and cause severe property damage. To fully hurricane-proof your landscaping, you should remove anything that could collide with your home during a storm.

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