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6 Increasingly Popular Custom Swimming Pool Trends

Building a custom pool opens up a whole range of incredible and unique options to create the perfect outdoor space. There have been several recent trends making waves in the industry. These trends put a spin on traditional pools in fun ways, so that enjoying your backyard will seem more like spending time in a vacation spot than your own home.

1. Small Pools For Compact Spaces

Nobody wants to make the hard decision to either build a custom pool or create an outdoor living area. Small pools are rising in popularity because they allow homeowners to fit everything into their back yard without sacrificing other features. For many that do not have the option to install a large pool, a smaller in-ground pool is a great option for anyone who loves water but cannot fit a traditional-sized pool in their yard.

2. Deep Waters

Pools with extended depths have rocketed to popularity as more and more homeowners are using them to fit sports and exercise into their daily routines. Many water sports are more suited to deeper pools including lap swimming and water volleyball. Deeper depth levels make it easier to take part in water aerobics, diving and more. Consider a deeper depth custom pool if you have an active lifestyle and personality.

3. Create a Seaside Oasis

Having a saltwater system to keep your pool water clean is not a new concept, but its popularity is rising. Homeowners have always loved the ability to set aside chemicals and swimming in saltwater is much less harsh on your skin. A saltwater pool is simply the most natural way to maintain a pool and its like being at a tropical destination in your back yard.

4. Multi-Level Pools

Multi-level pools can turn your time outside into a more relaxing or more exciting experience. You can choose to include a pool ledge to create a space where you can sit and enjoy the cool water in the summer sun. Meanwhile, another area of the pool is deep for the kids to swim and play. Anyone can have a resort-style pool with a pool ledge where they can drink cocktails away from everyone else in peace. Pool ledges also offer a safer depth for small children to splash around.

5. Enjoy Both Day and Night

Homeowners are beginning to light up the night with LED lights in and around their pool. Adding lights to a pool area introduces all kinds of opportunities to make use of the space. On warm summer nights, lights extend your enjoyment past the setting of the sun. Lights not only provide a safe nighttime swimming experience but also can create a fun mood to enjoy with family and friends, or creating ambiance to enjoy time with your significant other. Opt for lights with color-changing capabilities to add the right atmosphere for any occasion.

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