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6 Essential Elements to Create a Perfect Residential Landscape in Louisiana

If you have a Louisiana property, you want to enjoy every single part of your outdoor space. The best way to turn your patio into an incredible space is to focus on the top six landscaping essentials. Adding a few key things to your residential landscape can make a huge difference with the goal of creating more ways to welcome your family and guests into the exterior portion of your home.

1. Less Upkeep With A Large Patio

A large lawn can be a beautiful look for your property. However, many lack the desire to maintain a large yard each week so by installing a custom paver patio, this can drastically reduce yard maintenance while providing a great spot to spend time. Modern patios are lovely, multifaceted spaces that combine various activities, including entertaining, cooking, relaxing and gathering.

2. Add Some Warmth

One of the best ways to make an outdoor space feel homier is to add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. A residential landscape should welcome you and your guests to sit around, relax and hang out. If you decide to put a fire feature in your landscape, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor escape almost year-round. Other options include a fire table fueled with gas, where everyone can gather around the table during parties or for family dinners.

3. Provide Shelter

Putting a shelter around part of your outdoor landscape can be important when you consider the strength of the Louisiana sun. A pavilion may be a better option compared to the popular pergola. Pavilions have the advantage of solid roofs, which means you can spend time outdoors even when it is pouring down rain.

4. Outdoor Kitchen Space

You can choose a basic outdoor kitchen setup with a grill and workspace or let your fantasies reign. More people are finding ways to transform their residential landscapes with smokers, pizza ovens, and unique grills. A full outdoor kitchen setup expands your options for entertaining in different seasons. You will see that you will benefit if you can add more indoor amenities, like refrigeration and running water.

5. Tranquil Water Features

A water feature is never out of place in a residential landscape. You do not have to design an elaborate feature with fountains and sculptures, it can be simple and tranquil to fit your outdoor space perfectly. The main goal of a water feature is to add a soothing, interesting focal point for you to gravitate towards when you are looking to relax.

6. Private, Secluded Spots

If you have a spot on your lawn that you do not use as much, you might decide to turn it into a private spot for relaxation. This space does not necessarily have to connect to the main patio area. Remember that the focus of this patio spot should be on seclusion and disconnecting. You could add a tall privacy fence, a shaded shelter and patio pavers to start. Consider also adding soft outdoor lighting to create an even more relaxing ambience and a comfortable lounge to welcome guests.

If you are considering a backyard transformation project, get in touch with the New Orleans-area outdoor living experts at Couvillion’s Landscapes today.

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